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Oasis Reticulation is an industry expert when it comes to your new installation. We have been installing reticulation systems in Perth for over 30 years for specialist areas including residential, commercial, viticulture and equestrian establishments. Oasis Reticulation sources the most durable, most efficient, low maintenance, water-wise products, saving you more money in the long term.

We work in harmony with Perth’s leading Landscapers and Designers and have become their preferred choice in irrigation solutions.

Western Australia is experiencing dramatic climate change with summers becoming increasingly hotter with longer dry periods. Water efficient gardens have  become a top priority in Perth. As a result, most homes in Perth have garden reticulation. We are committed to sustainable watering and using the water we have efficiently.

Water conservation can be effectively achieved using user-friendly controllers that can be set for seasonal adjustments, rain sensors, water wise sprinkler systems, efficient design of systems and use of dripline irrigation products to reduce evaporation and run off.

For clients who like to have control at their fingertips there is the option of running your irrigation system from your smart phone, naturally if you don’t want to use that type of technology there are many easy to use quality controllers available.

Before any installation, we take the time to understand the important details of your landscape. These include factors like the types of plants and overall layout. From there we are able to provide a customized water reticulation solution that protects your landscape.


  • Saves time.
  • It waters your garden properly avoiding wasteful overwatering or dry areas due to lack of water.
  • Greener lawns and gardens with healthier root growth. An efficient system will make your garden and lawn green evenly! Because it applies the required amount evenly to each area, the colour of the garden and lawn will be more uniform than when hand watering.
  • More time for you to spend on activities you enjoy rather than spending large amounts of time watering by hand early in the morning or late at night to beat the heat of the day or when the mozzies are out!
  • Peace of mind. While you’re away your garden will be watered automatically no need to worry.


  • Save money on your water bill by installing a bore.
  • Gain an extra watering day a week to better help quench your thirsty garden in summer.
Residential Retic Design & Install
Residential Retic Design & Install

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Commercial Retic Design & Install
Commercial Retic Design & Install


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Bores & Pumps
Bores & Pumps

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Equestrian & Vineyards
Equestrian & Vineyards

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We provide a full design and  installation service or DIY system throughout Perth Suburbs. We have the knowledge and expertise. We use high quality products, are committed to excellence, and work with the best reticulation products available in Perth to deliver the latest and best quality systems  to your home or business premises.

If you’d like a free estimate, feel free to contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

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Simply email us at [email protected] with the following details:

  • Your house or site plan or sketch containing all of the dimensions of the house and (preferably as a PDF).
  • A mud map with the location of the garden beds, lawn and other area needing reticulation,
  • Conduct a flow test and water pressure test on the water supply either mains or bore.  Please refer to our DIY flow test video in the maintenance self help section.
  • Schedule of proposed works – building pre-lays before driveways or wall installed, lawn installation date, garden installation date , handover date etc.

This will help speed up the quote based on your needs.